moOde with Audirvana

Has anyone tried to use Audirvana for streaming to moOde?

I set up moOde on a USBridge and would like to play Audirvana to moOde. After activating UPnP/DNLA in moOde, Audirvana does recognise it via Ethernet. But it would not start playing a track.

Has anyone played around with this type of UPnP?

Best regards

Have you used Moode before ? I was testing it a while ago with an RPi as a UPnP renderer. If memory serves, I had the same issue. Since I’ve used Moode in different scenarios I had forgotten to go into the MPD settings and select a USB output device. There had been a Digi+ Pro installed before, so the Pi was trying to output to the wrong target.

After that change it worked really well.

Thanks for the reply!

I gave up moOde, it was just too complicated for me to set it up.

I switched to Ropieee and it is super simple to set it up. Sound-wise, I would’ve preferred moOde, but it’s just too much hassle.

I am quite happy with Ropieee, works like a charm!