Moon neo 280D Mind v.2 incompatibility

Je viens d’acquérir le MOON 280D mind version 2. Impossible de dépasser 48khz quel que soit le réglage avec TIDAL sous Windows. Le driver ASIO a été installé : Audirvana le voit pas alors que l’application Tidal sous Windows le voit et arrive à sortir du 96khz avec les MQA. J’ai un Meridian Explorer 2 (200€) avec lequel Audirvana fonctionne parfaitement.
Please HELP ME !

Have you tried WASAPI settings? That’s Simaudio’s recommended way.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Yes i have tried Wasapi settings with the same results : 48khz…

Hmm, must be some system setting.

Have you tried streaming to it using UPnP, since you have the MiND module? You might get better results than USB.

Hi everybody!
I observe similar problems. ASIO is not detected by Audirvana, WASAPI is USB only. This way DSD is 128 only, should be higher. No Upnp detected.
TIDAL W10 (USB and WASAPI only) and Moon App (from Android tablet) allow MQA up to 24/192 at least (Lou Reed, the studio album collection). Just the standard issue, Audirvana shows the file as in 24/192 and out 32/48, which in this case it’s half way true, because unfolding is done externally.
You really don’t hear anything? Your Moon did the software updates?