More albums after adding tracks

Dear all,
This morning I decided to add a few albums to my library in AS. First of all, I noticed that several albums I recently imported were absent, including some of them I recently listened to (To confirm I’m not dreaming or more precisely I’m not having a nightmare).
There was a total of 7704 albums before I begun to import the 3 new ones. And that import resulted in a new total of 8174 albums! Strange maths indeed! After the full sync I noticed that albums that were missing are now back (Although I’m not 100% sure that ALL albums are now present).

This is not the first time I noticed this (And there may be cases I missed) I see this. How could it happen that several records in a DB are removed before being reinserted again? Unfortunately, logging was not active at that time.

What we should have is a minum log that would contain at least the total number and the list of all things that were added or removed from the DB.

Hi @patifr,

This behavior is likely due to the 2.4 update since we improved the sync process that was caused by a bug with MacOS and NAS. When you added the folder, this triggered a new scan of the folders, which means, it applied the correction we made :wink:

OK, thanks Antoine!
So, you mean that with the bug being present, it might happen that some albums were no more visible from AS, resulting in AS removing them from the DB?
And then, with the new version, those albums are back again and the bug being now fixed, they won’t disappear again.
Thing is that a few days ago I listened to an album that was absent from the DB yesterday morning, so it has been removed with the 2.4 being aready installed…
I think it could be useful to have after any sync (or any action that update the DB) a mini log reporting a summary of the actions performed. It could be a message such as:
Sync process terminated, XX albums (YY tracks) being added, ZZ albums removed.

And, ideally, this message could be followed by the list of albums added/removed.


Yes, I think it could be a good thing to add this, I will see this with Damien.