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Not only classical music, but also various other types of music have composers, arrangers, and lyricists. Currently, only composers can be registered on Audirvana. There are a few Extend entries for classical music, but none that match arrangers and lyricists; if you try to use Conductor, for example, you will be listed as an artist, so it does not seem to be versatile.
Request. Please extend the registration of arrangers and lyricists so that they are treated like composers.

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Hi @kei,

I moved your request to the proper section so people can vote for this.

Thank you Antoine.
Since there can be more than one composer, arranger, or lyricist, it would be best to have a system that allows multiple registrations, such as “Artist”. I would like to enjoy searching and listening to songs written by this arranger by traversing the database, rather than creating playlists.

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Since my first use of Audirvana, I am waiting for addition of the above fields.
In that case, may I suggest adding fields Lyrics and Website?