More Qobuz Issues?

Giving AS another try after a disappointing initial attempt soon after launch.

It’s much improved overall. I like the sound quality. Two main issues remain:

  1. Qobuz works fine for an hour or two but then refuses to load tracks. Closing AS & relaunching solves the problem (temporarily).

  2. AS still asks for email / PW every time I launch the app (possibly related to 1.? )

TIA for any advice.

Running AS on Mac Mini 10.15.5 in UPnP mode.

Do a disconnect from preferences, account page. Should fix the login issue with one more login necessary.

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Thanks OR.

Tried that, along with cleaning up AS preference files on the Mac, but problem remains. Fortunately 3.5 is more dependable, so I’ll stick with that for now.

Might try AS again in a few months.

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