More than one library

Would it be possible to have more than one library for people who have more than one music collection say one in English and one in French and have different libraries (or Source), one for each language.

Why not create 2 smart playlists… one French, one English.
Then Select all your English music and put it in the English playlist, same with french.
First you’ll have to assigne French and English to the Groups or Albums in the field Genre…

Put view of A+ in Tracks mode… select all your groups en French (select with ‘cmd key’ to remove some not wanted in between). Then in bottom tray, select all of them, then assigned in genre mode French (if you use already the Genre Tag for real genre, try another not use field like Performer… or else. Hit enter…
that could be long if you have many… the right column get darker on top till it is not finish.

Do the same for the English groups. Then, Still in tracks view classified them by genre after… you will have all english then french in order. Select all the french with first then last with shift key on and drag it in the french Smart playlist… same with English. Voilà. Since they are smart, any times you will field those field you choose for french and English… they will go in the right Playlist.

i have a small one for me… Québec / France for french speaking…
Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 19.22.57.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 19.22.57.png