More than one room at the same time via Airplay

Hello, I’m new.

First off, wow. Thanks for creating this software Damien. I don’t have a load of money and am following the advice of clean up the source first. Between Audirvana and a DragonFly Cobolt in the back of my Mac Mini my world has been transformed, for about £310!

One thing I will miss when I leave iTunes behind is to play to the AirPort in my kitchen and through amp in the lounge at the same time. It’s so nice to have each space at the volume that’s good for it and you can just blissfully move about the place.

I’ve got Airplay working in the kitchen ok but it’s one or the other. I did try set up an aggregate device but always get the error message I’ve attached to this message.


Needless to say you are going to get my money anyway, and a xmas card and I don’t even believe in Santa, but this feature would be super nice.

Thanks again.

This has been the major sticking point vs. iTunes since inception. I’ve got a hardwired DAC plus three AirPlay devices. No dice.

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Yeah it’s a real shame but I guess this use case is not at the top of the priority list, which I can understand.

Airplay is 16/44.1 so a step down in the quality I am getting through my main system. It’s good enough for me when I go multi room though, as I am normally cooking or parenting etc so it’s more about having a nice vibe in the flat than the best quality I can get. Which I am sure is not the situation Damian is priorising.

Currently when I want to go multi room I quit Audirvana, switch to optical out in preferences, switch the airplay device on in iTunes which is a pain.

The reason for switching away from my USB DAC to optical out is when I route my sound output through it using Airplay and ITunes only I get a sync problem due to latency issues. iTunes doesn’t want to allow the aggregated device either so I can’t even test whether this will solve the sync … sad face.

I assume Roon handles all this stuff but I’m saving that for my retirement so it’s the software equivalent of going round the back and swapping the leads for now it seems …

Hello @gagslondon, thank you for your kind message for our software, we really appreciate your comment. In fact the feature you are talking about is the multi-room audio which is not available in Audirvana. We had several request about it and we don’t forget it but we need to prioritize the development of feature and this one is not our priority for the moment.

Thanks for your response @Antoine it’s reassuring to know the feature is being considered, even if it’s down the list.

I am a software engineer myself and know very well the scenario of how long things take to do vs how long the feature requests is.

It can may you feel a little like Sisyphus at times!

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Audirvana has been my music player of choice since version 1.4.9, and I’ve tried them all. I’d much rather have multi-room audio than most of the arcane features of this software. I don’t use upsampling, ReplayGain, or SysOptimizer, but I still have to switch to iTunes when I want to play music in more than one room of my house. I’m hoping you will implement this feature.

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