More than one room at the same time via Airplay

Hello, I’m new.

First off, wow. Thanks for creating this software Damien. I don’t have a load of money and am following the advice of clean up the source first. Between Audirvana and a DragonFly Cobolt in the back of my Mac Mini my world has been transformed, for about £310!

One thing I will miss when I leave iTunes behind is to play to the AirPort in my kitchen and through amp in the lounge at the same time. It’s so nice to have each space at the volume that’s good for it and you can just blissfully move about the place.

I’ve got Airplay working in the kitchen ok but it’s one or the other. I did try set up an aggregate device but always get the error message I’ve attached to this message.


Needless to say you are going to get my money anyway, and a xmas card and I don’t even believe in Santa, but this feature would be super nice.

Thanks again.