Moving my playlists from hard drive to Studio

Can someone please explain to me how to get my playlists from my local drive over to Audivirna Studio, In Jriver all i had to do was drag them over to JRiver from my hard drive.

doesn/t work opens where my playlists are but when u open the file there is nothing there if u open the hard drive the playlist is there

They have to be in m3u format…
Mine were exported from v3.5 to Studio, all in one shot… had to redo the years folder…

then i reexported them from Studio, just in case :slight_smile:

So basicaly I have to turn my playlists into MP3 and convert to M3u that is garbage.I use windows not Itunes. If Roon and Jriver can drag and drop why not Audirvana Studio?

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