Moving to Hi-Res

To begin this, just let me congratulate Audirvana on introducing so many improvements in the last few months. I have a large library of classical albums in FLAC. I use Origin on a mac mini, connected to an Airport Express (cat 6), to Benchmark DAC 1 (optical), to a Putrifi class D amp and then to B&W Nautilus 804 speakers. With this setup, AV delivers great sound. I am really satisfied

I also appreciate all the progress which has been made on the library management side. I very much like being able to so easily use my local file structure to search for albums. And even the problems of “double” albums, when they occur, can now usually be solved more easily with the improved metadata editor.

I should also mention the iOS controller app. It just works perfectly.

Now I need some help. Using the Airport Express means I am restricted to 16/44. I am interested in upgrading to 24/192, as I have some hi-res albums in my collection. Please may I have recommendations how this might be done. If there is a solution which would also allow me to stream high-res albums from IDAGIO or perhaps the new classical streamer on the block, Presto Classical, so much the better.



Your Purifi amp is power amp only? Benchmark DAC 1 is your preamp as well as your DAC?

Are you wanting to use Ethernet or is USB an option? You have not mentioned any pricing range.

Douk Audio U2 PRO XMOS XU208 Digital Interface, USB to TOSLINK Coaxial/Optical/HDMI IIS Audio Adapter, for DAC/Preamp/Amplifier, Support PCM & DSD256

You might be able to use something like this so you can feed the benchmark with spdif/coaxial. USB from your Mac Mini to the converter.

EDIT: The iFi stream recommended by someone is NOT currently on the Plays With Audirvana list.

:+1:This “Plays with Audirvana” and is suited to your current playback scenario:

I’m surprised that OFFRoad didn’t make this recommendation to you…

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Then I can understand you’re using AirPlay that is constrained to 16/44.1
You should use a network UPnP endpoint instead of AirPort Express, many are available:
SOtM sms200 (Neo or Ultra Neo)
Sonore uRendu
just to mention some of them, with all of them you could use AirPlay too if needed
… btw … IDAGIO streams 16/44.1 only and Origin is restricted to local library. Studio can stream from external services (Qobuz and Tidal) but not (yet?) from Presto Classical for which you’ll need anyway AirPlay if you’re using smartphone/tablet like IDAGIO

What’s your price range? Also, are you comfortable at all with Linux?