MQA and unsampling same time

How can I setup that I have same time MQA and unsampling? If I setup correct unsampling I have not get MQA, If I use MQA I can not use unsampling. I use Gustard DAC (MQAdecoder), ASIO and windows. I wanna use higher resolution of 44.1, 88.2kHz to upsampling to 192kHz.

At the moment you can’t. You either play bit-perfect and keep MQA or you upsample.

Ok, I see,
Which method did you recommend for upsampling Sox or r8brain. I can’t interpret it so deeply based on the description as I said I only want to change the 44/48kHz to 192

It’s a question taste, but from what I see, more people prefer r8brain.

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