MQA from ME2 why 24/0kHz

when i use my ME2 connected to new Schiit Ragnarok 2 via RCA in lower left corner A+3.5+ shows FLAC MQA (green dot) 24/44.1kHz Stereo RG: -8.5 dB
BUT in lower right hand corner says 24/0 kHz Stereo MQA green dot— WHY 24/0?? the ME2 shows a green LED
for non MQA right lower corner says 24/192 left hand corner says FLAC 16/44.1 and the ME2 shows 3 white LEDs

SQ is not apparently affected just wondering why 24/0kHz with MQA?

Hello @bobbmd, have you try to reconnect your DAC from your PC? This could be a display bug.

@Antoine Thank you for the quick response and yes I have had opportunity to disconnect and reconnect both ME2 and my new Schiit DAC aYggdrasil GS few times and this shows up as 24/192 or less kHz in the lower right hand corner(this predated me getting the new new Schiit DAC)— the ME2 is several years old— my computer is a late 2012 Mac mini i7 16GB RAM running El Capitan— this also happens with the new DAC USB from the Mac to the YggdrasilGS RCA ( which as you know DOESNOT decode MQA but upsamples to 4-8x)out to new Rggy 2 amp— as I said the SQ to my ears is not affected and A+3.5+ still is the best sound compared to ROON or the TIDAL/Qobuz desktop apps—I was just curious why it happens— and as I said with nonMQA streaming music the right hand corner shows 24/192 HzK or less With the Schiit DAC or ME2—do you think this means the sound is being degraded?
Thanks again Happy New Year and continued best wishes for success