MQA Not Detected

I have an Oppo 205 that is set to decode MQA. I’ve had Audirvana for years and had few issues. Recently I had to reauthorize both of my computers although nothing changed on either computer. I did so but now Audirvana does not recognize the DAC in the Oppo as MQA capable. It is capable. Audirvana was recognizing the MQA capability prior to having to reauthorize my computer.
Thanks for any assistance. I used to email support at Audirvana but can’t find that capability on their website any longer.

@mchavis i don’t have a clue but try unplugging the Oppo and restarting it or go to computer audiophile now audiophile style
under ‘A+3 threads’ can ask everyone about this issue i think under forum for ‘software’ or ‘networking networks streaming’ and can ask damien directly he is @Damien78( and he will answer you!!) on this illustrious body of audiophiles

Hello. I am having the same problem. Did you ever receive an answer?