MQA or Upsampling?


I have an DAC that does not support MQA but it is a pretty decent piece (Esoteric K05X). I wonder what would be a better setting when I want to listen to TIDAL MQA Master files. I am connecting the DAC via USB on a Mac.

  1. use Audirvana as MQA Core Decoder but then my device shows only frequency of 96; or
  2. select the option that my device is not supporting MQA but use the upsampling setting to upsample to DSD128 or even DSD256?

Apologies if this is an obvious/dumb question but I am new to these details. Thank you very much!



The MQA should offer more fidelity while upsampling might offer more flavor.

Hmmm. I see… thanks :wink:

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