MQA setup

Hi All,

I have subscribed to Tidal HIFi. My DAC is not MQA enabled.

What settings should I set in the Audio Settings tab in Preferences?

Thanks, John

@WhenIm64: i think you need a Meridian Explorer2 which ‘unfolds’ to 24/192 or DragonFly RED which unfolds to 24/96 both around 200$ and well worth it
Look at upper right hand corner of desktop app it will tell you what is being streamed MQA has an icon and in the upper left hand corner will tell you what the DAC is upsampling to same goes for the iPad/iPhone apps at the bottom of the page-my Schiit Audio premultibit doesnot do MQA but sounds wonderful for unfolded MQA and I think newer Schiit multibit DAC’s will do MQA
hope this helps

@WhenIm64: Just like most of my questions/problems on this forum no one bothers to answer or help hope what I sent sent you did-if not go to CA(computeraudiophile) there are several threads under Audirvana/Audirvana +3 etc with detailed descriptions critiques ‘how to’s’ in particular by fellow named Walker or JUD I think from Australia(look in software forum general forum and networking streaming forum or search Audirvana +3) bobbmd

Thanks for the hint. I found an answer to my question after much poking about in CA - answered by Damien himself!!!
Why is this info not in the manual ? Or even a reply here ? This is supposed to be the “official” forum.
IMHO, poor documentation undermines great software.