MQA skipping very badly again

So I noticed a couple weeks ago in MQA skipping every once in a while. Now it’s on every song that I play. It feels like I’ve gone back to original beta testing again. Anybody else having this frustrating problem

One skip in one MQA album today. Maybe linked to this issue, it was unusual…

Thx for the reply​:+1::blush: Still skipping but not like yesterday. Hopefully it works itself out. I’ve got qobuz so I’m good. Damn this is awesome software. I just started playing Amarra today to test against Audirvana. No contest Audirvana is better and less expensive. I think my MQA issues are because I have a late 2011 Mac mini and it could be just I’m not on Catalina I don’t know. Maybe time to get a new mini. Again thanks for the reply