Multiple Artist Tags Not Separating

I know this has been posted about previously, but the solutions in the prior threads are not working. I am using Yate to edit my metadata tags. I am separating multiple album artists in the same field with the recommended “;;;” separator. However, Audirvana Origin does not separate them into separate album artists. What it does is give me an album artist as “Artist A;;;Artist B.” However, for some albums, this separator does seem to work and give me separate album artists to select from. The separators are identical for the ones that work and the ones that do not work. Am I missing something here? Any help is greatly appreciated.

What I am trying to do is include certain albums under more than one album artist, so the albums can be selected by either Album Artist A or Album Artist B.

As far as I know Album Artist is not a multi item tag, while Artist it is, therefore the separator “;;;” is ignored

Hi @hahone,

can you run a quick test in Yate? Can you please add ;;;TEST to one of your track’s artist metadata, then save the change you made? Do you see ;;;TEST or ;TEST being saved?

Do you want me to add ;;;TEST to the album artist tag or the artist tag?

Album artist or artist, it doesn’t matter. On my end, when I do this in Yate, I end up having ;TEST when I hit save. I would like to know if it’s the same for you.

I tried it with both the Album Artist tag and the Artist tag. When I save the changes, there is no “;;;” or “;” in either the Album Artist or Artist tag. With the Artist tag, Audirvana creates a separate Artist called “TEST.” However, with the Album Artist tag, there is no separate Album Artist created. There is also no “;;;” or “;” entered in the field. The original Album Artist is only shown.

Do you get this behavior in YATE?

Yate just show what is typed … but the problem is that albumartist tag is a single value tag as opposite of Artist tag that is a multi value tag.
Therefore whatever is typed in albumartist it will be shown as a single string, anything beyond separator characters (ie ;;; for Yate) will be ignored.
This obviously doesn’t happen for Artist tag where the result of
will be rendered as
In this regard Audirvana (that I’ve used since 1.1) has the same behavior of JRiver, Picard and Minimserver just for example, the latter gives an error too in its log if albumartist contains more than one value