Multiple computer license instalation

Hi. Good evening,

I am a potential buyer for a license, but I am worried that will not work for me.

I plan to have a hackintosh setup connected to my DAC with a valid license. This will be fixed in my listening room.

The other license will be installed on my dual boot laptop (windows and macos). Sometimes I work on windows for development work for long periods of time, while in the remaining time I work on marcos.

Does the licensing supports this type of use, I mean one license in one computer, but on two OSs counting as a single computer installation?


Hello @bartolomeu, since you will have a computer with two OS on it, it will be seen as two separate installations so two different activation.

Hi @Antoine. I see, but this does not seem fair to me, since it is still a single computer. What licensing options do I have if I want to have the desired configuration (only using two physical computers, but having two OSs on one of them)?


Hi @Antoine. Regarding my previous question, do you have any feedback to share? Thank you.

You are right to say it’s the same computer but Audirvana rely on OS differences, in your case since you have two OS on the same computer, you will have two activation for the same computer. We don’t have option to add activation to the license key, you can either revoke the license key from one computer to use it on the other (you will have to wait 24 hours to activate it again) or purchase a second license key.

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