Multiple device output / synchronization

One feature I’m missing in Audirvana that is in Roon is outputting to multiple devices simultaneously.
Roon allows them to be synchronous or independent - both features would be nice.
Until then I’ll have to keep using both apps which is complicated…

That remains the only major shortcoming of Audirvana. Even lowly iTunes can stream to multiple AirPlay receivers and a hard-wired DAC at the same time.

Let’s make sure we keep it simple or else we’ll become mainstream. 2 channel audiophilia is what we are aiming for I believe. I could be mistaken, but I think Airplay outputs 16/24.

AirPlay streams @ redbook 16/44.1
What we want is for Audirvana to stream to more than one output device at a time.
My macbook/usb dac is in my family room, but I also have a component system in my living room + Airport Express, a Zipp speaker in the kitchen, and another Airport + dac on the desktop system in my home office.
I can stream in sync to all four rooms wiTunes/AirPlay. Audirvana can only stream to one device :frowning_face:

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I’m sorry. I meant to say 16/44 and not 16/24.

The gist of what I was saying, maybe improperly, was the fear of overcomplication of the player to its’ own detriment. I have been using 2 Libratone Zipp 2 speakers configured in left/right stereo paired mode in my living room. Each one sits on top of my tower speakers (which I don’t use anymore).
I could be using Airplay, but I don’t. I oversample my 16/44 files at the player to 24/88.2 with great success first and then send the signal out via wi-fi to the Libratones. I use the x2 only mode with Audirvana remote and MacMini. I haven’t heard such serious clarity in ages. I use the volume control on the Audirvana remote App on an iPad. I respect your needs. I am by no means an authority on this, but pairing the 2 Libratone speakers (both plugged in to wall power) has been a revelation.