Multiple genres

The ability to tag tracks, albums and possibly artists with multiple genres would be awesome.

Ex: Tag a Lynyrd Synyrd record as Rock, Classic, and Southern

Then you can wire up smart playlists that are broad in scope or hyper specific:

  • All Rock
  • Classic Rock
  • Classic Southern Rock
  • Southern Rock (both classic and modern)


  • Custom tags (ex: USA)
  • Custom named tags (country=USA, ex)

I think you can organise your own policy to that effect in the way you fill the Genre tag.
For example, I have curated the metadata of my files adding several keywords in a sequence separated by commas like this “Classical, Chamber, Modern, German, etc…”
This, in combination with smart playlists should bring you the result you expect.

Interesting, I’ll try that as well. I found the Extended info tab and its Style and Period fields, which also do the trick for my purposes.