Multiple genres

The ability to tag tracks, albums and possibly artists with multiple genres would be awesome.

Ex: Tag a Lynyrd Synyrd record as Rock, Classic, and Southern

Then you can wire up smart playlists that are broad in scope or hyper specific:

  • All Rock
  • Classic Rock
  • Classic Southern Rock
  • Southern Rock (both classic and modern)


  • Custom tags (ex: USA)
  • Custom named tags (country=USA, ex)

I think you can organise your own policy to that effect in the way you fill the Genre tag.
For example, I have curated the metadata of my files adding several keywords in a sequence separated by commas like this “Classical, Chamber, Modern, German, etc…”
This, in combination with smart playlists should bring you the result you expect.

Interesting, I’ll try that as well. I found the Extended info tab and its Style and Period fields, which also do the trick for my purposes.

I haven’t found the extended info tab. I have Audirvāna Origin 2.4.0. Do I need a separate piece of software to merge Hip-Hop, Hip hop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Hip-hop/Rap, Rap, Rap - Hip Hop, Rap/Hip Hop etc. into one single genre?
I guess the philosophy of Audirvana is to never mess with files so maybe it’s not feasible…
I am on MacOS.

I really hope this will someday be part of the embedded ID3 tags. In the meantime, Audirvana could do it indeed.
For me it’s not only about music genre, it’s about keywords, I wish I could just easily tag anything with “guitar solo”, “denmark”, “cover”, “live”…

Here is how to see the extended info tab to add multiple genres to your tracks :