Multiple libraries

As I am new to Audirvana I may have overlooked the answer to a question I have. On my NAS I have 4 different folders containing a large number of subfolders. Each of the 4 different folders stands for a genre.
Is it possible to make a library for each folder thus getting 4 libraries?

Anyone who could help? Thanks!

You can’t, but you can do 4 different smart playlists for the four genre Folder you have

Thanks for answering! I tried to make a smart playlist but probably did something wrong. Could you perhaps have a look at the screenshot I made and tell me what went wrong?

This is just an example of how I did a test with one folder.

why you didn’t put the first genre folder after contains?
i’m on a Mac if it change something :slight_smile:

This one works for me, you have to put the Folder that contains the music then / and the folder of the genre.

My Hard Drive external is called MUSIC… inside of it there is 3 folder… one is called MUSIC and contains all my files A to Z with group inside… so try to figure out what you should put before Albinoni :slight_smile:

I did about the same as you. In my case my music is stored on a Nas. The strange thing is that my Library is built in a correct way. I add the folders and A. reads it correctly. If I do the same building a playlist A. does not want to read the files I would like to add to the playlist. After File Location I chose contains and then added , in various ways, the place on my Nas where the files are I would like to have in my playlist. No idea why it works with you but not for me.

Have you tried to only add the latest folder? It’s “Rock” in this example.

Hi Damien, I first thought the files stored on my Nas were the problem why making a playlist was not possible. So instead I made a new folder on my PC and used this folder to tell A. where to find the music.
But even that does not help. Any idea?

Can you make a screenshot the settings of your smartplaylist?

The letter Z refers to where the folder Klassiek is postioned on my Mas.

Have you tried only with Klassiek?

Hello Damien,yes I did.

Can you send us your playlist with one of the file you have in Klassik at

I’m a new user on a trial and trying to setup multiple libraries. I’m coming from Plex, and this was easily done on their platform.

I have multiple folders on my NAS keeping my music organized by LP rips, CD rips, etc. I tried creating a smart playlist using file location as a rule, but the filter doesn’t have anything that aligns with file location, so this won’t work. I’m just looking for a way to have a library/playlist view that shows only my LP rips stored in my LP folder, a library/playlist view that shows only my CD rips stored in my CD folder, etc. Is there any way to do this?

I just created a smart playlist using file location. Created Smart plalist, added filter “file location” entered name of a folder - in my case my folder containing Pink Floyd music, and there you go, pink floyd playlist.
In your case the filter would be, I believe ‘file location’ ‘equal to’ ‘CD rips’ ( if that’s the folder name.

Thanks. This helped, and I was able to create the smart playlists. The only difference is I couldn’t get “is equal to” in the Filters Editor to accept the file path or folder name; I tried different variations of the file path but nothing worked. So, what I did was switched to “contains” and entered just the folder name, which worked.

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