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Well let’s see and be hopeful, if we had given up we wouldn’t be keeping up with the going’s on I figure? The honesty and transparency goes a long way. If two or three issues get sorted out soon with updates let’s see, if I can get past the network UPNP thing and let that go perhaps I’ll give it a another shot maybe just by the month payment to be sure? What’s your thoughts on this scenario?

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I’m waiting for Origin to mature in order to upgrade to it.
But if I had to subscribe, I would choose the monthly option. This way you avoid frustration. If the application does not perform well, you stop paying until it’s fixed.

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If you stop paying the monthly subscription how will you know when it’s been fixed? Unless of course you continue with the monthly subscription option?

It’s a shame that existing users who have allowed their subscription to lapse due to Studio/Origin not performing as it should aren’t allowed a period of grace (24 hours maybe?) when an update is made available, to install and verify that any existing problem that user had has been ironed-out.

You ask Antione if the issue was fixed.
For instance, when I tried Origin in April, there was a bug that made it unusable for me when it analyzed a bad CUE Sheet.
I asked Antoine, a few weeks ago, if this bug was fixed, and he said that not yet.

This is a very good idea, IMO.

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As usual, hard to argue with most of that @OffRode :+1:
I’d love to see Studio working as it should in my system- it sounded glorious when I used it in conjunction with my headphones/DAC.

However although the monthly subscription is small beer cost-wise, it sticks in my throat somewhat to think that I’d be paying for the privilege of being a beta-tester yet again. I’ve also been informed that my problem with Studio can’t be reproduced and is therefore not resolvable, so I think I’d be wasting my time in all honesty.

That’s nice idea, but it would be a nightmare to manage. How often do you give this grace period?

It’s easier for you to just register with a secondary email and do a trial again, if it bothers you so much to pay a monthly fee.

I would think that an email might do the trick, I’ve always thought @Antoine and @Damien to be very fair on that sort of thing. I’m just going by the update release notes to judge when I might test again, hopefully they will list the important improvements in detail.

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