Multiple machines

I have raised 2 support questions via email and received no response in over a month.

I have Studio on 2 Macs: home and studio. There is only one of me so this should not be too hard; every time one machine ‘takes over the licence’ the other app is not just quit, but fully signed out, as in ‘Sign in / Sign up’

If Adobe can juggle me on 5 machines, how hard is it to be allowed to use the software on just 2 Macs without being forced to re-sign in every time? A basic problem, but very annoying.

Your subscription only allows you to be logged in on one computer at a time. Hence the login/logout stuff. I’ve ended up getting 2 subscriptions for this reason only.

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Fully aware of this. There is no way you need to pay for 2 licences, that is very unfair as licence arbitration has been the norm for 20+ years. Adobe uses a ‘PC broker’ to determine licence usage and every other software switches licences automatically. If I quit on one machine, the licence is clear to use on the other machine, none of these ridiculous messages telling us it is happening (when it is not).

This evening, I deliberately quit the software at the studio, before shutting down the machine, yet I still get the stupid message and the request to login at home. Grrrr

@Antoine is there an ETA on a fix for this please?

@Jim_F it’s Not even close to the proper definition of spam. He’s a paying customer (some companies even respond to customer feedback on valid issues such as this, but probably not Audirvāna)

This has been brought up many times and no sign of it being resolved in any way, Damn shame that @sandsOfArrakis would need two subs but entirely his prerogative to do so.

Catch your breath Jim it’s nothing to get chapped about. Be well

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Lol…… @Jim_F beat me to it…….good delete…….have a good one Jim👍🏻

And Jim has deleted his post again, so now it looks like your answer is directed to no one. Deja Vu :wink:


No kidding he’s quick lol, got me twice in two days…………no harm no foul

I say @HiRes has a quite valid point but you know how unsuccessful any resolution has been so far. Plenty of items on the line sheet for the “team”

That’s how license management works at the moment.

I would suggest to just allow 2 systems to be logged in at the same time. This is roughly how it was before Studio/Origin.

It’s not surprising, because August is the month of vacations in France.
Write them again in two weeks.

This is not really an issue, Audirvana will need to make a strategic decision and change how they manage the licenses.

There was plenty of discussion around this topic when Audirvana Studio came out. There were some improvements and the license switching has been somewhat streamlined. Obviously not enough for @HiRes.

Seems like support department is currently on and answering requests as of minutes ago. Should have an update any minute now.


Surely it is not an unrealistic demand that software works as advertised? There was rarely an issue with ‘the real’ Aurdivana that many of us used for the last 10 years.

Two systems logged in is the ideal scenario; it solves all the issues and means that @sandsOfArrakis is not forced to pay twice for the same product.


That’s a matter of opinion of course, @HiRes has an different one. @sandsOfArrakis made his choice of how to get around the issue/problem. It keeps getting brought up so I suppose that it’s fair to expect at least a quick response from the company to the paying customer. It may well be impossible for Audirvāna technology to implement a streamlined system for some reason.

Hello @HiRes,

For the time being, we have not made the decision to change this as it require a lot of time to change the behavior.

Technically speaking, our login system only store one computer and can’t change the token requested when you log to another, this is why we remove the last computer used and replace it with the new one in the login database. I would like to change this (I’m also sharing your point of view on the subject) but we wanted to focus on other part of the software that has been asked on the forum.

I won’t tease you anything here but if we have not made a big update since a long time, there is a reason for this :wink: (an no, we have not been on holiday the whole summer :stuck_out_tongue: )


OK… So why don’t you reply to the mails?

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I reply to the mails but its possible that I missed that one since I had a ton of them recently.

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Fair enough, presently not possible. They know it’s an important issue, on the list that we must accept is pretty full but being chipped away at. I’m still hopeful to see updates that will allow me to use Studio again. Keep up the good work @Antoine !

And here @Cloclo had @Antoine on safari in the Kalahari :joy: I was wondering if he had a starlink mounted on the posterior of his pachyderm. Makes quite the mental visual.

Antoine said that it’s difficult to implement this request. And people may abuse it.
Imagine subscribers sharing their access code with friends, who pay nothing. Even Netflix is complaining about this behavior of its customers.

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As am I @OffRode , but am not holding my breath.

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I did understand that quite clearly, I am accepting that currently it’s not possible. After all we don’t know the nuts and bolts of how it’s being done, Audirvāna is not Adobe or Oracle we must accept this. The team has to work within the available time and resources available to them. I do get impatient and frustrated at times but when we get a prompt honest answer from @Antoine it definitely helps everyone to feel heard and included. All Good :+1:t2:

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