Multiple Outputs - Can DAC + AirPlay Play Simultaneously?

Howdy, wondering if anyone figured out how to engage multiple outputs in Audirvana Studio? For example, when streaming from Apple Music (desktop version on my laptop), I can select my hardwired DAC (going to two speakers), as well as the two stereo paired HomePods via AirPlay, simultaneously. Audirvana Studio only allows me to choose one of the two pairs (DAC or AirPlay). I’m fairly certain this can’t be overwritten, so I guess my question is really for Audirvana folks - is this something currently in development, or nah. At the moment, AirPlay is for some idiotic reason downgrading lossless stream to 256, even though HomePod is capable of playing 24/48. To be super clear - I am not asking about AirPlaying from my iPhone, Apple TV, etc., but rather using the desktop version of Apple Music, streaming from my laptop ONLY. I love the sound of Audirvana & have been using it on and off since the drop, but the inability to use multiple speakers in my home is a deal breaker… thanks in advance!

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Hey there, thanks for this - it sounded good in theory, so I gave it a try; unfortunately it didn’t work. I think the instructions you included might work with AirPlay + Built-in Output, but not with the external DAC. I was able to get both AirPlay & DAC to work at the same time by adding the existing AirPlay device as a separate device in Audio MIDI Setup App (HomePods), but the DAC & Pods were completely out of sync (drift correction didn’t help at all). Perhaps this would work if one was able to select a specific AirPlay device for the Multi-Output, but only general AirPlay selection is possible. Lastly, setting up a Multi-Output Device in the Audio MIDI Setup App created pretty bad audio engine conflict, so if anyone else is thinking of trying this out, be prepared to reinstall Audirvana. Thanks again for the idea!

You might take a look at some audio routing software like BlackHole, Soundflower, Loopback or Audiohijack… Google is your frenemy…

Thanks dude, I’ll look into this closer, though at first glance these all seem to be focused on routing audio from different apps & recording it. Also, Audirvana did not like the Multi-Output Device I created in Audio MIDI Setup AT ALL lol, as in it kept crashing & wouldn’t load at startup for 30+ minutes, so I’m not gonna be doing that again (which would be necessary in order to use any of those)… appreciate it!

I use Airfoil by Rogue Amoeba: Rogue Amoeba | Airfoil: Wireless audio around your house

Thanks Emi, I used Airfoil years ago before Apple released AirPlay 2, which essentially does the same thing, only much better. My issue is not how to connect multiple Airplay devices, but rather how to make an Airplay device + hardwired DAC play simultaneously, which Airfoil cannot do unfortunately.

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