Music automatically sped up

Hi guys, this is my first post and I have a bit of a problem :confused:

I’m running Audirvana on a 2012 Macbook Pro and using my Questyle QP2R as a DAC/AMP plugged in via USB.

Whenever I play a track with a certain sample rate, then play another with a lower sample rate, the music is sped up for the whole track. Like everything will be normal if I play say a 44.1 track, then normal if I play a DSD64, but if I play something after that below DSD64 the whole track is messed up and going quickly.

Anyone heard of this/have a fix?


Hello @FelixP,

this means your audio system is not changing it’s sample rate properly. This is why you get the speed up. Can you try to add some latency when sample rates are changing?

Hmm I tried that but the same problem arrises.

Can you go in the application Audio Midi Setup and take a look at the frequency selected? What is the frequency selected?

yep, the QP2R can go up to DSD256, but PCM is 32/384kHz. Shall I change the format from 2 ch 16-bit Integer 44.1kHz to 2ch 32-bit Integer 384kHz and restart my Mac?

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 15.18.25

Why your volumes are at zero?
You shouldn’t put the sound of your Mac through your dac ?

It won’t let me do anything on the volume sliders. I think it’s because my QP2R has it’s own volume knob. Is this the case?

Yes please, can you put it to 384 Khz and try to play a file in itunes for example?

yeah still having the problem, playing files in increased bit depth and sample rate is fine but decreasing everything is still fast

Okay, this then mean your dac do not decrease his configuration to a lower frequency automatically. You might consider contacting Questyle about it as they can can probably help you with this.

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