Music library now in laptop trash bin

I recently noticed that my entire music library resides in my system trash bin. I’m not sure if there are any other copies in any other folder but Audirvana finds and plays the files. Metadata shows the file extension as .trash. How do I move my entire library out of trash and into which ever folder it belongs? I’m afraid to do anything as I don’t want to inadvertently delete it. Simple instructions please as I am not that computer savvy.

In preferences… library deleted items, you can restore them.

Before trying some things, close Audirvana and copy the database .sqlite file just in case

Hi, and thanks. There are no items in Audirvana-Preferences-Deleted items showing. The music files are all in my laptop trash bin.

Create a new folder on desktop then select all in the trash and transfer them in the folder yo be sure not losing them…

You should know where your music files are?

Open audirvana preferences menu and in the library section, check the path of your music…,

Thanks runhomeslow.
In my preferences->library, I have a monitored folder …/music/itunes

and in the library database path it is …/library/applicationsupport/audirvana/audirvanaplusdatabaseV2.sqlite

I can find my music in the iTunes folder so not sure why when I launch an album in audirvana the metadata shows .trash for the location. Wondering if my library is duplicated??

Ok so now nothing is in the trash, right?
Restart mac. Restart audirvana. All is still playing?

Go to library music itunes… you see your music there? Then they are double if same on desktop new folder…

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