Music library synchronization - playlist maps

Hi Damien,

Yesterday I migrated from iTunes to Music. After migration, old ‘playlist-maps’ show up in Audirvana. They are all ‘maps’ with playlist in them and are all old. I ones had them in iTunes, but are no longer there. As you can see, there are 3 or 4 copies of the. I tried deleting the play-list map, but still, the old versions show up.

What to do? Looks like Apple Music/iTunes is storing old versions somewhere?

I didn’t have this problem when syncing with iTunes instead of Music.

Hopefully you have a solution. Thanks, Rudi

Hello @Rudidepudi,

This is due to an Apple API issue that retrieve old playlist that do not exist anymore. Even if you remove your Music library, it will come back again.

Sounds like nothing to do to solve this? Wait for Apple? Thanks

Hi Damien,

Could you say something about when this issue will be fixed? I’m thinking to switch back to iTunes or not. Can you say anything about that, or are you depending on Apple? Thanks again, Rudi

Why don’t you switch completely to Audirvana and let it manage the library directly?

Hi, I would like that, but… I’m waiting for the Audirvana app for iPhone :wink: I still sync my music and playlists with my iPhone so I can also listen wherever I want. I use the Onkyo app to have good sound, but that app is no longer updated. So… Damien, are you going to built an app also for mobile quality sound? :wink: Than I can finally leave iTunes/Music.

@bitracer: any other suggestions are welcome!

I have the same problem. Old “playlist maps” appear in Audirvan after migration
So what is the solution to removing these playlists?

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