Music player (AirLino max-30CB) does not play output from Audirvana

My AirLino device (from LinTech) is recognised by Audirvana as a UPnP network player. I can select AirLino as an output device, but it does not play the music that I selected in Audirvana.
AirLino also has a built in Qobuz app (that calls upon its DAC capability) and that works seamlessly, so the DAC is not the issue.

Hello @PatrickKe,

When you try to play a file to your AirLino in Audirvana, does the playback stays at 0:00?

Hello Damien, I just did another test and now my AirLino produced the output. Although, similar to with my other UPnP device (Sony UHP-H1), Audirvana stopped playing after 3 songs.