Music stops after track ended

I’ve just signed up for Studio and it sounds great but often I have issues with that playing music stops and the end of a track and cannot continue through the playlist. When I press next music again starts playing without issues till last second of next track and then it stops. It’s like it sometimes get stuck in playing single tracks for some reason. It never stops midway through, only when track has finished.

I run Studio on an old Mac Mini and run remote on macbook air and iPhone. I use Qobuz as streaming service only.

Any ideas?

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Hi @ropplack
How are you using Studio- UPnP or direct connection?

May be an idea if you could post your debug info, so others may be able to assist:

I’ve had this shit for more than a week, it works perfectly on some days, and for example, now my tracks from tidal can’t even load, it feels like the Internet speed is becoming 1/mb per second

Seems like I cannot post debug info? Post gets removed automatically. Any specific information in it I shall post?

Hi @ropplack

If you can message me the debug info I’ll see if I can post it for you, although you should be able to do so yourself :thinking:

I’ll send the debug info to support. Seems like some complained there are too much info in it so maybe they automatically remove such posts? I also note that the remote app is not updating info as it should. It gets stuck like this even though its halfway through a track.

Good shout @ropplack :+1:

Good luck.

Hi @ropplack,

I’m sorry for the auto flag, it’s our spam detection that tend to have false positive sometimes :confused:

In the case of your issue, can you go on your audio output settings in Audirvāna and enable the Universal Gapless Playback option? Do you still have your issue after doing this?


I’ve done so and also went into optimising computer settings in Audirvana settings and for now this issue seem to have gone away :slight_smile: Not sure which of all settings that solved it but I’ll leave it as is for now since it works. Only have had few random stops since but not at all as common as before.

Could it be that?

What does that mean? So the problems I have is with hi-res tracks, not 16/44.1. They play just fine. . It worked with my former streamer/dac but when switching to a different one hi-res tracks starts and stops here and there with the same settings. I know this streamer/dac works for others with audirvana and hi-res tracks so must be a setting or some sort of reset I have to do deeper into the audirvana system.

I’m not good enough to read Debug, just saw that in yours :slight_smile:


I moved AS from MacBook Air WI-FI to Mac mini Ethernet and that solved my problems. Strange is it worked with my other streamer/DAC but not the other one. Maybe buffer memory and how it’s managed differently between wired and wireless with different streamers.

I’m running into the same issue. Some days it works fine, but if I listen to music for long periods, often it’ll stop playing after playing 2 songs. This happens when I play an album or all tracks for a given artist. It’ll play 2 songs fine and then stop. If I hit skip to the next track, it’ll start playing the next two songs…and then stop again.
Streaming Tidal through AV on Mac mini out to Oppo 105 (DAC) via UPnP. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have several configurations to test UPnP/DLNA with Audirvana, and in preliminary testing have come up with a variety of results. I want to do more thorough testing so I can provide good information. I may not be able to do that for another couple of weeks, but will get to it.

I bought a Fitlet3 in order to run optical Ethernet nearly all the way from the computer to the DAC. (The Fitlet3 takes optical Ethernet input and outputs USB to the DAC through an isolator.)

The Fitlet3 replaced both an EtherRegen and a microRendu. I’d experienced playback stopping with the EtherRegen → microRendu configuration (usually after two tracks). Removing the EtherRegen made no difference. Changing settings for gapless, raw PCM, etc., also didn’t resolve the problem.

Now with the microRendu replaced by the Fitlet3, playback works perfectly. (I installed upmpdcli on the Fitlet3, which is the same UPnP renderer installed on the microRendu. There’s nothing special in the configuration of upmpdcli or mpd.) So it appears something about the microRendu or its configuration of mpd or upmpdcli was the cause of the playback stoppage problem.


Any SQ differences with the Fitlet3 to your former set-up?


Hi @matt. The system does sound different to me, but that could easily be in my head rather than the system itself. I like it at least as well as before, perhaps better. This is a very preliminary evaluation, because I’ve only listened to the system with the Fitlet3 for a single afternoon. I don’t want to switch back and forth to compare - too much hassle plugging and unplugging. So unless I run across some serious sonic defect, which I seriously doubt will happen, the Fitlet3 is staying.

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Thanks @Jud, that supports my impression that “non audiophile” devices are often better than “audiophile” ones.


I don’t know that it’s so much non-audiophile vs. audiophile. In this case I was able both to simplify the system and to run optical Ethernet within a single step of the DAC, with that final step running through an electrical isolator (an audiophile piece, the IsoRegen). To my thinking, both should help reduce electrical noise entering the DAC, though please note I’ve measured neither the before and after levels of that noise nor the before and after performance of the DAC itself.