Musician friendly enhancements

Two things that would make audivana much more useful to me in practicing, transcribing and learning songs

  1. a “repeat 1” feature where you have a number of songs in a playlist but you want to continuously repeat just one of them. Right now you only have the ability to repeat all tunes in the play list or not repeat at all. (Unless I missed it). This feature exists in a lot of other audio players.

  2. Setting loop points (even just one would be great) for a start and stop point within a tune and have the players continuously loop through that segment. (probably more difficult to implement than “repeat 1” but would be really useful to musicians.

Notice that I didn’t say “desperately needed” :wink:

Thanks for a great product.

Hello Olgoat52,

Thank you for your feedback about your Audirvana experience.

I will talk about your requests to Damien but I would like to know more about the second request, you want to select tunes and then have the possibility to loop this selection?

Kind Regards,
Audirvana Support Team

Thank you very much for your reply and your interest in adding the features to your product.

The first ask might be addressed with a control on the “now playing” screen where you have the shuffle action and the Looping action. Today the looping is for the entire play queue. If you could add an “loop 1” setting there to allow the current selection to be played repeatedly, that would be perfect.

The second one is undoubtedly more work. For the current selection being played, allow a section to be highlighted (or allow a start section/ end section ) and then have the player loop through repeatedly through the section of the currently playing selection. This would be incredibly useful in learning a verse, or section of a verse, working on a harmony for a chorus, learning or creating a solo section or any number of musician related tasks.

I frequently prefer to bring a tune up on my main system to work on music and exclusively use Audivana for playback and music management.

Thanks much for your interest. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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