Must have: album dates on remote app iOS. (Not only iPad OS in horizontal mode)

Hope the title says it all :face_with_peeking_eye: I’m a yearly subscriber now. I’ve tested Audirvāna of the last month and I’m really happy with it and how it developed. BUT: it’s an absolute basic must-have to see the album dates in the remote app (I’m on iOS). Not only in the vertical mode on iPad OS.
As Audirvāna evolves more and more to a remote controlled software (this is cool!), it needs to have this basic feature in the mobile remote control app.
Or am I missing anything? :flushed:

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Yup, I agree, album year is a must have in a music collection (at least for me, that’s how I sort my medias, whether it’s movies, music, video games…).

@Antoine with all given respect, i think it’s not this complicated to activate/implement this into the remote for iOS. Especially when it’s already implemented in iPad OS Remote Application.
I really hope for this feature.

It’s something we will add in the Remote, yes :wink: