My Album Icons do not all fit in Audirvana Studio window

I have tried sending the attached to “”, but their site does not accept any of my emails. So, I am hoping that the experience in this community can help.

"to Audirvana

Finally got my trial copy of Audirvana Studio accepting my music database, and it sounds very good. However, I am unable to get the program to fit the entire AS program and my album icons onto any screen/monitor. I am unable to view my music albums/icons that are at the right of any monitor screen. I have tried to change the view and or Window with no success. Trying to Scroll to the right does not work. I am hoping that I am missing a simple view adjustment that I am currently ignorant of .

Thank You,

Lance Akridge"

THANK YOU Community,


can you upload a picture for us to see…

My screen went crazy the other day it didn’t fit and I couldn’t size down , I shut down and restarted, hasn’t happened again. Strange

Are you using Windows? What happens if you double click on the top part of the Audirvana app?

I do not have that or the X next to it on my window.


What are you using? Windows or macOS?

Try double clicking on the top of the app. That should resize it.

Hello @LanceA,

Can you send a screenshot of what you see in Studio?