My impressions and feedback

Hi Damien,

I’ve been testing the Windows Beta for a couple of weeks now, on two computers. Both are powerful desktops, one with an i7 processor with 32GB of RAM, the other has an i5 with 16GB of RAM.
For reference, I also already had the Mac version on my Macbook.

Overall very nice. Sound quality excellent as expected. I’ve also noticed quite a few issues have been fixed over the beta period, in particular lag issues I had.

  1. The player always launches in fullscreen, it doesn’t remember the window size of the last session. This is quite annoying, as I don’t often use my software in fullscreen.
  2. The next/previous track buttons are quite hard to hit. Maybe keep the graphic size the same, but make the click area larger?
  3. I wish the playback bar was wider. Especially with long tracks, it can be hard to find a specific moment.
  4. When listening to Tidal, unavailable tracks are not greyed out.
  5. Adding individual tracks to Tidal playlists does not work
  6. Is the Izotope filter no longer available?
  7. It would be nice if the multimedia keys of my Logitech keyboard worked (play/pause, next/previous track)
  8. Sorting Tidal playlists does not work (ie by Artist or Album). It would also be great if the playlists could be sorted by Newest/Oldest.

I think that’s all. I apologize if some of those issues have already been reported by other users.

Final question: is there any discount available for users who already have the Mac version, or for multiple licenses? It can be quite expensive to purchase 3 licenses for us (1 Mac, 2 Windows). Here I am thinking of the Master license version JRiver offers, which works on both the Mac and Windows version and allows multiple installations.

Thanks for the hard work!

Also, another thing that would be helpful is if the previous/next buttons on a mouse worked for going between pages. It’d make browsing through albums much faster. I used the buttons all the time in the Tidal app.

I have been using the trial version of Audivana for Windows 10 for the past couple of days on a Windows 10 i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM with 500 GB SSD disk and I am not seeing the quality of the sound to be as good as using Roon with HQPlayer with appropriate settings. I have more than a Tera byte of DSD 5.6MHz classical music recordings.

Can someone please help?

Hi turboff,

Would you share your listening experiences with your different setups - how the 3 different computers configurations impact the sound?

Thank you,

I do hope to do this in the near future, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

On a different note, has anyone been able to take advantage of the promotional price Damien mentioned? All I see is the same €64 as the regular Mac price.

I second that feature. The previous / next navigation inside Audirvana is really good, but I am used to do it with mouse in my web browser for example, it would be good to do that in Audirvana too.

I have found this to be true across the board.
What would be extremely helpful is for the click area to consist of each row like in the previous version.
Click anywhere on a line, and the track is selected… As of now, it only will select a track if you click on the song name only, and it has to be pretty precise.

Another thing mentioned was making the seek bar longer… In my opinion, this is where the interface could use a bit of a step-back. The previous interface, in terms of what information was available was INCREDIBLE.

Right now, the song info is bottom left, with a large play/pause to the right of it… So when there is a long song title or artist info, where it used to just be cleanly visible, it now has to scroll because of the other things in its way. I think these could serve going back up top where there were unimpeded.

When selecting a playlist or genre, there is always a large icon that takes up quite a bit of real estate on the top of the list… In my opinion this is taking up space most users will just want to scroll past right away - I know I always do… I think we could do without this, but I’d like to hear feedback from other users as well.

I have included screen shots…

Anyone else feel free to chime in.
Loving this beta btw…

Have not been able to use the space bar for play/pause.
Anyone else?
Super key feature IMO