My Mistake - License Problem

Damien, I screwed up and forgot to de-authorize AV3 on my old iMac before I reformatted the drive. I transferred my data to a new iMac via Time Machine but the license key doesn’t work. I had AV3 installed on 2 computers (iMac and Mac Mini). Since I didn’t de-authorize the old iMac, you still think I have AV3 installed on 2 Macs. Is there any way I can get my license to work on the new iMac while AV3 is still installed on the Mac Mini (my primary music machine)? I also have a separate license for a 3rd Mac, unrelated to this license.

Sorry for the mistake. I’ll know beet the next time. Thanks.

Jeff Bowers

Done, I’ve removed both computers associated to your license. You can now activate the two you want.

Many thanks, Damien. I’m all set now and won’t make the same mistake again.