"My Music" only shows Qobuz Albums

Hi Everyone,

So, I started using Audirvana so that I can access my Qobuz and personal library in one app.

I was under the impression that the “My Music” section should show all of my albums, artists, etc. However, I only see my Qobuz favorite albums, and that’s it.

Is there a way that I can see my entire library in the “My Music” section or some other section?


if you have added a folder of your music, you should see it under My Music… Library (see picture)
this thing ‘My Music’ is just for favorites. I’m still waiting to be able to see my Albums when i start Origin or the last window opened like in 3.5 version :frowning:

you can add your music folder here, see picture

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Your example is from Audirvana Origin. I’m trying the Studio version because I assumed that I could combine my personal and streaming library into one library like in Apple Music, for example.

This is seems like a no-brainer to have in an app like this. Favoriting every single album in your local library so that it appears under “My Music” is an incredible hassle (considering the size of my library).

Looks like I’ll be cancelling Audirvana.

have you tried what i wrote… Origin and Studio have the same prefs and layout…

Right, in Studio “Library” is labeled as “Local Library.” The streaming library is a separate module. And “My Music,” apparently only consists of albums that have been “favorited.”

I was hoping that I could combine everything into one browsable library without having to favorite every single album.

As i never streamed, can’t help you there, but maybe someone who do it can help maybe,
or it is still not possible to mixed the two ??

Hi @Pechorin

Unfortunately I believe there is no way at present of achieving this.
I agree, it’d be nice if the ‘local’ library (albums/artists/tracks) also appeared in the ‘my music’ section as, well, that’s exactly what your local library is- ‘your music’.
Favouriting an album/artist/track via Qobuz/Tidal would also then add the selected items to the appropriate ‘my music’ section.

Seems like a no-brainer to me :+1:

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