My Music only shows Qobuz content

Is My Music supposed to include all your content, local and streaming? Mine is only showing my Qobuz content. Is there a setting I need to tweak?

i don’t rate albums with stars or hearts, and i don’t stream…
so, My Music is a big empty 27in 5K iMac empty Window… :frowning:

Have to click Local… to see something in that window at open

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I believe the whole My Music category only shows what you favourite yourself. That’s it’s function. If you don’t favourite stuff then it will show up empty.

Here it only shows items that I have favourited myself. Being it radio stations, local files, Qobuz or Tidal. Same goes for artists etc.

Wow, that seems like a crazy set up which makes My Music completely redundant. Surely anything you store locally should be a favourite by default? Is there a way to bulk favourite all local files?

I guess I’m one of the “old school” people. I mean before Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Qobuz I’ve build up a whole collection of local files. Not only my own music ripped from CD but also from friends etc. Not everything there I would consider favourite myself :smiley:

So yeah in my case everything, from the late 90’s when I started building my local library till now, should not appear in favourites automatically. :wink:

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