My Thoughts On Audirvana Studio

I will start by saying I have a lifetime sub of Roon so a comparison is inevitable.

Before I had Roon I used Audirvana 3.5 and all in all was fairly happy with the software. When studio was released I downloaded a trial copy and was not too impressed to tell the truth and after a couple of days deleted the program. In early December decided to give it another go for 28 days for curiosity only. Below are my thoughts, opinions.

The internet radio function had improved to me at least but no artist, track listing, with Roon you can click on both to go to the artists bio or current track and be directed to the album.

Access to my Qobuz account same as Roon and Highresaudio file vault not with Roon though, but seemed to take forever to load and when I selected an album no track info appeared?.

When viewing my Qobuz library in Studio the HD ( Hires ) logo was too small, or at least I think that was is meant by HD?, and when viewing an artists albums they did not seem to be in chronological order but might not be important to some!. Roon is better in this respect.

There was no sound quality difference through my Matrix Elements I DAC between Studio and Roon, to me at least.

Switching between sound outputs with Studio was a pain, having to stop playback before switching although, not a disaster and not as convenient as Roon ( The ability to switch between and play to other endpoints the big draw for me ).

The general interface of Studio is clean and uncluttered and the ability to adjust the size of album art on the fly is a plus ( take note Roon ) and the settings menu is fairly intuitive ( Not to many settings to worry about ). The other plus with Studio is the ability to run one license on two computers. You cannot do this with Roon as you have to disconnect between one core and reconnect to another which becomes a pain to be honest.

The subscription price for a year between Studio and Roon is not that great so who would you go with?. To be fair Roon is a few years ahead of Studio and is updating on a regular basis but I envisage Studio to get better over time, and I am sure Roon was rough around the edges when first released. You might say Studio and Roon target a different market but if Studio is to survive then it must adapt and improve to keep its revenue stream, time will tell.

Hi Terry - how are you able to do this? It’s been one of the most requested features - as far as I understand it you have to log your account out on one PC before logging into a second.


I may have got this wrong. I am sure you could do this with 3.5. If I gave the impression I could do this with a 28 day trial period then I apologise but I am sure it can be done once you commit to a subscription!. Best to ask the question elsewhere on this forum. Regards, Terry.

You can’t run AS on 2 computers simultaneously with 1 subscription. You’ll need to log out of one and log in with the other.

I have 2 subs on AS just for this reason. One for my MacBook Air in the living room. The other for my Windows laptop in my office.

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