My track & radio tabs do not display content

When using Audirvana Studio, I am connected to QoBuz and am in the Qobuz Favorites tab. My track and radio tabs do not display content.

  1. When using the favorites tab, I hit albums and all my albums are displayed. When I hit Artists, nothing is displayed. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Same question as above except when I hit the radio tab, nothing is displayed? What am I doing wrong?

I am a new user of the Audirvana Studio App. My iPad is connected to my MACBOOK M2 PRO computer. Am I missing a setting or is it something else? Thanks…

Hi @hgeifman,

Can you send screenshots when you have your behavior?

As you requested, please see the four screen shots below. Albums is okay. Artists is missing content, Tracks display some tracks but where are the others and the radio tab displays nothing. Where are the radio stations?

  1. Qobuz favorites Albums LOOK OKAY, no issues

  1. Qobuz favorites artist ERROR, blank, no content

  2. Qobuz favorites track RE: some content, where is the rest of it?

  1. Qobuz favorites RE: RADIO TAB, no stations displayed:

Thanks for your help. I hope you can resolve my issues. I am using an iPad connects to a MACBook M2 PRO 12-CORE CPU.

Do you see content when you go to those sections on your computer?

What do you see in the Qobuz app? Have you indicated favorite artists? A favorite album does not make the artist a favorite. And the same applies to tracks, have you marked more individual tracks as favorites in Qobuz?

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Thank you very much. Obviously, this was my error. I did not realize that favorite artists and tracks had to be made QoBuz favorite before they would appear in the favorite artist and track tabs. It makes perfect sense (now!).

  1. I do see content when I go to those sections on my MAC computer (same as displayed on my iPAD).

  2. This was my misunderstanding. I thought that a favorite album also made the artist and tracks a favorite in QoBuz.

I am a new user to Audirvana Studio and have much to learn. Thank you very much. I appreciate your prompt response. My issue is closed.

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FYI: This is Qobuz functionality. Not Audirvana’s own.

A nice thing about Audirvana is that the ‘my Music’ section contains the favorites of all your sources together, so local and various streaming sources in 1 overview.

Thanks. How do I make a Qobuz artist a favorite and same question for track?

Hi @hgeifman,

Hope this help:

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