Mysterious DSD upsampling issue

So I have a very unique issue when upsampling my 44.1 files to DSD 128 with DOP. The volume will suddenly diminish then the music will move to right channel then to the left channel and then back to normal again. It happens with Sox and Izotope. If I play the files in iTunes, it plays with no issue. If I turn DSD off and upsample to 352.8 using Sox or Izotope, the files will play fine. This can happen with ripped cds or purchased iTunes. It does not happen with every file. I never know when it is going to happen but once it does that file will always have the issue. I have a mid 2012 mac mini with 16gb ram and 2tb SSD running Mojave. 90% of the files are ALAC the rest are AAC. The MM is connected direct via usb cable to a McIntosh D1100 so there is no network issues. The D1100 was updated with the latest firmware about a year ago to resolve a popping issue at the beginning of playing DSD. So I am ready to close the book on upsampling to DSD and sticking with upsampling to 352.8 unless somebody might have a fix for this or why its happening.

Why not just play the files with no upsampling… bit perfect with no trouble ?
You get more satisfaction with upsampling, waiting for troubles to happens?

Thanks for the Reply:
I am an audiophile with OCD and I have experimented with with all the settings DSD 128, DSD 64, 352.8, 176.4, 88.2 and 44.1. I feel the DSD 128 sounds the best followed by 352.8. I have been using the 352.8 with no issue so far. The DSD 128 issue has only happened on a few files so 99% of the time it plays fine but is very annoying when it happens because then I have to trace the problem down. I think the issue is a bug from 1 of last 2 updates. I have been doing the DSD 128 for almost 2 years without issue once McIntosh did a firmware update to correct the popping sound at beginning of each title . The issue started around March which leads me to believe its a firmware bug. For now, I am sticking with 352.8 but the OCD in me wants to crack the puzzle with DSD128

jb1: Have you considered upsampling some of your library offline?

After experimenting with iZotope and SoX n Audirvana, and realizing that constantly adjusting the settings was a distraction from listening, I bought Poikosoft EZ CD Audio Converter. I’m using it to pre-convert FLACs and AIFFs of hi-res PCM downloads to DSD128, and to rip some of my best audio-quality CDs to DSD64 files. I’ve also had good results converting ripped SACDs (DSF files) to DSD128.

There are several very good sample rate converters on the market. You might want to give one a try.

While 44/16 files contain all the audio information to the degree where most listeners cannot distinguish Hi-Rez signal being temporarily converted to 44/16 and then back to Hi-Rez,
playing 44/16 directly is a cause of major problems and those are relatively easily audible.

Filtering is causing artifacts like pre-echo which is easily identified by the trained audiophile. This is what upsampling can fix.
With upsampling, only remaining drawback of 44/16 is insufficient time resolution which cannot be fixed by upsampling.
But even upsampling 192/24 to DSD may be useful, depending on equipment used for playback.

I have a similar problem when upsampling to DSD 128. There is a difference in that the music does not move to left or right but the channels get reversed. It tends to happen on every alternate track ie it commences ok then track 2 is reversed, track 3 ok again and so on. Also is is dependant on the rate of the original. 44.1 sometimes does it, 192 always exhibits it but 88.2 never seems to do it. Same as you upsampling pcm flac is always ok. Sometimes the switch happens after the track has started to play. As with yours the problem shows with streamed files and library files. Are you able to experiment with other sampling rates? I believe my problem also started after an update.

I think it is the result of an update. I don’t which 1. I use ALAC for my codec. So far all the pcm formats play ok: 44.1 88.2 1 176.4 352.8: Itunes direct plays ok on all files. I have Amarra SQ and it plays without issue. DSD 128 will play nice most of the time but on certain files, it plays with those totally bizarre playback issues. On some occasions, at the the start of play, the file will sound like garbled nonsense. Originally, I thought it was a bad rip or transfer so I would delete the file and re rip the cd or re download the file. When this didn’t fix the issue, I thought it had to be an Audirvana issue. So I was able to isolate it to DSD 128 upsampling. I had an issue in the beginning with popping at the start of playing each file but that was DAC issue fixed by a manufactures firmware update. So for 1 year+ the DSD 128 was playing fine which leads to an Audirvana update. So I use 352.8 now to perserve my sanity.

Thanks for the suggestion: I never thought of that.