Mysterious Library Algorithm creates a mess

Although I am very pleased with Audirvana 3.5 because of its excellent sound qualtity and easy usability there is a lack of understanding how Audirvana creates its Library. There are artists without an album or doubled entries and so forth.
What I need is a clear and understandable explanation (manual) how the Library algorithm works, what it uses for input (metadata, folder names, etc.) and how this input in interpreted and how the user interface (album, artists, tracks) for selecting music is created.
Reason is to get rid of the mess in order to get a clean and functional library.
Need to say that I have albums with metadata and a lot of albums/tracks without metadata where I need to rely on directory/file structure on the Windows 10 NTFS formatted hard disk.
Please damian3, help me to make me happy with your otherwise excellent software.

Hello @Sven,

When you add a folder to Audirvana to be synced, it looks at your metadata and especially your Album and Artist. If you don’t have artist metadata, Audirvana will add the folder where your tracks are stored as Artist.

the sorting criteria can be changed in Audirvana settings>Sort Criteria for the Album and Tracks view. For the Artist view you can change the sorting here:


You can fix this in Audirvana as there is a metadata built-in, click on the tracks to see the metadata that needs to be fixed:

Hi Damian,
Also my library has several double entries of albums. One of them I tried to solve in the way you described: through the metadata. I copied the content of the fields Title, Sort as and Artists, so there are no differences between all metadata of the Piano concerto nos. 1 & 2 , Ludwig von … . After that, … there are still two albums in my library: one with only the first track, another with track 2-6. What’s going wrong here!!!
I’m using Audirvana 3.5.41 on a windows 10 desktop PC.

Hello @Gerald,

Does the double entries you have in Audirvana are grey?