NAD C658 as an audio device

I just downloaded the Windows version of Audirvana and my NAD C658 is not being recognized as an audio device. Does anyone have any idea of what might be the issue? Please let me know what information you need for assistance.


The only way to connect to this device using Audirvana is to use an USB to Toslink/SPDIF converter, or a bridge that does UPnP to Toslink/SPDIF conversion.

Thanks for the information. Any recommendations on a particular bridge?

You can start with RPi and the Allo DigiOne HAT:

I’ll check it out, thanks!

C658 has built-in Blue OS streamer that you can stream directly from services or play your own music.

yes, it does, and it works pretty well. I wanted to see if Audirvana sounds better though. It actually does sound a bit better especially with upsampling. I’m also considering selling the C658 (only to try something different because the C658 is pretty stellar as is).