NAD M10 v2


Does anybody know if the NAD M10 v2 is supported? To my surprise, it is not visible in my list of devices in Audirvana, while otherwise the M10 v2 broadly supports chrome cast, Airplay, Roon Ready, etc.


Hello @Gijs_K I’m going to assume the answer is no. I’m using an M33 and Audirvāna does not see it either. The UPNP/ Ethernet support is very hit and miss with Studio. I have input from two different usb DAC’s thru the single end rca jacks on the M33 and was not impressed that it was any better than using BluOs with Dirac Full. YMMV but I can’t see running my computer and a DAC when the whole idea of M10 and M33 is a single box Swiss Army knife solution.

If you are close enough to run a hdmi cable from computer to NAD perhaps it can work but I haven’t tried that yet myself.

Hope you are enjoying your M10 sweet piece of kit :smiley:

Hello @Gijs_K,

NAD products are often only compatible with BlueOS since they are both part of the same group. Since BlueOS do not support UPNP, you will end up using your device with Airplay or Bluetooth to connect it to Audirvāna.

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