Naim APP vs Audirvana App Streaming Local files different?

Hi all
I’ve got a question to the community because I’ve experienced something really absurd and I’m asking if someone had the same:

My Music Library is on a NAS SYNOLOGY
My Streamer is a Naim NDS
1/ If I stream Music using the Naim APP, from the Synology to the Naim NDS, or using the SYNOLOGY Audio Station App, there’s no difference at all.

2/ if I stream Music using Audirvana, the sound is slightly different, Less Natural.

it’s non sense on a technical point of view but this is what happened to me.

Any thoughts?

That’s normal. Even different apps on the same computer can sound different. This can be true even if both output bit-perfect.

I think that this is normal if the sound pass by the app. In this case it shouldn’t

Made few other tests with Ethernet
No difference

I am experiencing the same on my Naim Uniti Nova. I assume it‘s caused by the Audirvana app which decodes FLAC to PCM and the Naim algorithms and hardware might be better than Audirvana’s. Hence my feature request for the option to switch off decoding in Audirvana.

Naim app with firmware 3.8 sound much better