Native DSD and bit perfect

Hi, I’m new in this forum and new with Audirvana, right now I’m using the trial version, but I have some questions: I have the Burson Audio Swing DAC, it is capable of reproducing native DSD512 and PCM at 768kHz up to 32bits, my questions are the following: Does Audirvana needs the DSD Transcoder ASIO Driver to play DSD natively without DoP?, this one:

Or do I just have to choose my DAC in the options and that’s it? In Audirvana I can choose the DSD Transcoder without problems, Audirvana recognizes it and when it plays DSD files my DAC also recognizes them that way and it sounds better,thanks.

Hello @joser9616, you don’t need a DSD transcoder as we already are compatible with DSD. Do you have a ASIO driver with your DAC? I suppose you use a Windows 10 computer? Am I right?

Yes, I’m using the Burson Audio Swing DAC, it is compatible with ASIO and Native DSD, I’m using Windows 10 Pro 64bits, I running the trial version, I was trying to find the options to select: “Native DSD Playback” but I can find it, thanks.

Did you install the driver for the Burson?

Yes I do, I install them…

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