Navigation not user friendly: back button brings you back at the top of the list

Dear all,

Something I find very annoying with Remote is the way you are able to navigate. When I open the list of my local albums and browse through it, if I select one of the albums and open it, that works but clicking to return to the list jumps back to the top of the list and not to the place I was when opening the album.
This is not user friendly at all and AFAIR it didn’t work like that with A 3.5.

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I did not have 3.5, but I am with you. It is quite annoying every time you go back, you have to start from the top. It would be great if this could be fixed.

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And I confirm that this behaviour is not present on the 3.5 version, using the same version of the remote.
It’s a “feature” of Studio :wink:

No change with AS 1.7. We are still waiting for the remote update but the issue does not seem to come from the Remote app but more from the main app (It works with A3.5 with the same remote app).

I can tell you that on the Android test version I have it has been implemented so when the iOS Remote update will be live you will be able to browse as it was in 3.5



white text color all over in Android remote please

Using Asio playing 88,2 and96 tracks.
Android remote displays 768 thats max for my dac.

Do you have 768 as max in Studio ?