Need a fix: albums with same name are merged without notice

Today, I imported five albums and only found four in the library.
I checked and all albums were in the folder to be synced.

So, I finally discovered that the missing album was merged with another existing album with the same name.
I understood that such a merge could happen when album and artist were identical but founding that the new album was merged with another one only because both albums have the same name was a surprise.

Concretely, that means this:

  • You have an album with name 'Chopin" and artist X.
  • You import it.
  • You cannot find as a new album.
  • You search through all albums named 'Chopin".
  • You find the tracks of the new album inserted as a new Disk to an existing album named "Chopin’ but with Artist Y.
  • Of course, you do that check because you noticed the missing album.

We should have either a warning when such merge occur, or a log file listing all actions/decisions taken during sync.

Hope this will be heard. In the meantime I will try to browse through the DB using SQLite to find similar cases I did not notice.

Can you send one track from each album at so I can try to reproduce your issue on my side?

Bonjour Antoine,
OK, I will try to do it. I need to find the original version of the album before I modified the title.

OK, files have been sent.

I don’t see it in my Inbox, can you check if the mail has been sent properly?

Désolé, je croyais que le message était parti en utilisant iCloud pour transférer les fichiers.
Apparemment ça n’a pas marché.
Je viens de relancer mais si cela ne marche pas, il faudra que j’utilise un outil pour transférer les fichiers (100M0).

Does not seem to work using iCloud. Do you have an access to a shared directory or something?

OK, I reuse that thread, as I found yet another example of albums merged without notice and without reason.
Album title are indeed identical (“Bruckner: Symphony No. 7”) but all the rest is entirely different.
I managed to find the new album merged with an old one and identified as “disk 1”. I updated the album title for all tracks and the new album is now identified as a separate album.

  • I had to manually change the image
  • There is a pdf booklet but I could not associate it to the new album. How is it possible to add a booklet to an existing album?

Thanks for the update.