Need for support ticketing system (possibly)

@Antoine & @Damien2 I’m not sure which is the "real Damien Plisson.

I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a Support Ticketing System for those people who are having difficulties with Audirvana+, Audirvana 3.5 etc.

It would focus on helping those in trouble and allow others to make their suggestions and comments in the forum.

Absolutely agree, especially now that a subscription is required to use the product.

I have a number of issues with Studio for which I’d like support, but wading through long lists of forum posts isn’t very helpful.

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A Zendesk/JIRA system is essential for any software aspiring to be a professional product.

With scale comes responsibility.

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I would suggest to integrate some bug tracking system within the community. A bug tracking system is (most likely already) used internally, but if they switch completely to a closed ticketing system the community looses information about interactions with Audirvana team.

It would be useful to know which bugs are being tracked and be able to collect information from other users experiencing the same issue.


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