Need help getting artists listed by last name

I’m a new user to this software, studio version, and am very pleased by the sound. I’m using it on a Mac mini and am in the process of ripping my CD collection with dbpoweramp. I am having a hard tie getting Audirvana to list my local files by the last name of the artist. I would also like band names like “Rossington Collins Band” listed by the first name. What do I need to change in the settings to make this happen. Screen shots would be much appreciated. If there are any special tags I need to add when ripping, please let me know. I have reviewed prior threads, but still can’t get it to happen. Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

When in artist view, and you see ‘the Beatles’ group, just click on it, this will show all of their albums you have, don’t select anything, bring the info panel and change the sorting option to… ‘Beatles The’

Best is to set this before you ripped your CD :grinning:
Artist and album artist rage to Zappa Frank and not Frank Zappa like regular…

Thank you. The Beatles is sorting correctly as Beatles, The. I need the other artists to sort by their last names. I would like the artist to read John Coltrane, but sort by the letter C. Still can’t see how to do this. Are there any FAQs or instructions for the settings in this program?

just read what i wrote before… i see you need pictures?

As i said… best way is to tags your things, is in dbpoweramp first…
then no need to sort after in Audirvana.

If already done now, just change the Artist field in Audirvana
or Sort them in the field as i shown in pictures to have them like you want.

Thanks RHS! I found the “sort by” box this afternoon. So, if it is an individual artist, you sort by “Zappa, Frrank”, I assume? I am working on adding the artist sort to my rips in dbpoweramp. Do you happen to use that program also?

I notice your menus on the left side are different than mine in AS. Are you running a different version? My menu has “Local” music.

I’ve only ripped about 20 CDs as practice, but have a few hundred to go. I know. Its a small collection compared to some on here. I would rather solve this problem in the ripping stage, but I am struggling with dbpoweramp.

Thanks again. You’ve been a big help,


The ‘Editor’ window on the left side is the playlist editor. This is not normally there. If you open the playlist editor you can move that window anywhere you want with your mouse or trackpad. You can also resize it and close it again. @RunHomeSlow just put it on the left for clarity.

Thanks! I think what I need to know to solve this is which metadata tag is it that populates the “sort as” field in the individual artist pages under general. I think that would help me solve this. Thank you.

You can check iTunes it use that tag too.

If you start from scratch… you rip your own CD, just name the artist and album artist like the way you want, then, no ‘sort as’ tag to do…

So, it doesn’t use the sort tags. It seems to just pull from artist and album artist. That doesn’t really do what I want. I want the artist to read Dexter Gordon but be alphabetized as Gordon, Dexter.

When you rip a CD in iTunes for example… you put the cd in… the machine usually check a database on the net and put tags automatically to your CD… Artist, Album Artist, Genre, Year track number, CD number…

So, if i insert a Pink Floy CD in my machine… the tags will be Pink Floyd for artist and Album Artist…
before pressing rip that CD to flac or whatever, YOU have to change those tags Of Artist and Album Artist if you want them to be in Audirvana as Floyd Pink…

if the tags are already done As pink Floyd and you want to appears in Audirvana as Floyd Pink, you have again to change the Artits and the Album Artist… you can just only left the Artist as Pink Floyd and the Sorts As option in Audirvana as Floyd Pink and save.

Me, all my Artist and Album Arist are the same.

I think this thread is the problem I am describing, Evidently, Audirvana doesn’t use the common tags. I will have to change it manually in the program.

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