Need help switching from Origin to Studio

Hi, I was for some reason thinking I could get the lifetime membership and be able to stream Qobuz/Tidal by signing up for Origin so I bought it. I guess it turns out you cannot stream Qobuz/Tidal etc using the lifetime origin subscription only local files. So I would like to know if someone from customer support could please help me switch to Studio so I can stream from Qobuz etc?. I’ve emailed customer support 2 times and I’ve gotten no response so please help! Thanks

Send a mail to
They only work office hours (French time), so they will probably get back to you on monday.

I emailed them on Monday then on Wednesday.

I believe they had some Audio event in Paris going on. There was not much activity from them on this forum either. Maybe @Antoine (Audirvana support) can react on this forum next monday.

Ah ok, Thanks for the info, hopefully next week they get back to me , my free trial for studio runs out on the 15th of this month.

Problem resolved but I still had zero communication with any Audirvana customer support reps which is very concerning to me.

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Show was Oct 21-22 S.O.P. in effect


Hi @Audiofreak,

I’m sorry but I couldn’t come back to you earlier. I can see you requested a charge back for your Audirvāna Origin purchase. Can you remove the charge back so I can refund you the amount you paid for Audirvāna Origin?

Hi, I already received the money back either from my bank or you guys and I purchased the Studio subscription. Is there any way to do a lifetime subscription for studio? Thanks

Audirvāna Studio is only available as a yearly subscription or a monthly subscription.

Got it, Thanks for your help.