Need to edit Artist name

I purchased a CD recently and ripped it, but failed to spot a spelling error in the the Artist name field. I’ve since imported the album into Audirvana.

The Album Name and the Artist Name is the same:

Album Name: Dubai 24 Hours

Artist Name: Duabi 24 Hours

Notice the incorrect spelling of the word ‘Dubai’ in the Artist name. It is spelled as ‘Duabi’. Here’s a screenshot:

How can I fix this in Audirvana?

I am using Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.44 (3574).

I have looked at old posts related to this issue but the solutions mentioned in those posts do not apply in Audirvana 3.5.

Go in album view, click that album, dont click songs, open info panel on the right, tag icon. You can also click that artist name to see all his albums, in info you will see the display and sort name, or in window like your picture, select all songs and check again info panel

Thank you. So I did that. Audirvana now has two artists:

  1. Dubai 24 Hours
  2. Duabi 24 Hours

If I select the wrongly named Artist, Audirvana tells me that the artist ‘appears on’ the correctly named album. When I view the album, the Artists metatag is correct, but the album listing still shows the old incorrectly spelled name in the Artist column.

When you see duabi name, can you change it, hit enter and save?

Can you see duabi in composer field?
If nothing, type 123 enter and save. Then remove 123 enter and save…

Thanks all. I did manage to figure this out a while ago. I’m not exactly sure what I did though!

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