Network Adapter wont work with AS, but ok with Roon and Spotify


I have a Lindemann Limetree Bridge network adapter which I cannot get to work with AS on my Macbook Air 2020. It works perfectly with Roon and Spotify. AS seems to recognise it as per screenshot.

However when I select some music it just shows as “loading first track” and then doesn’t go any further.

I also have an SoTM SMS 200 Network player and it works perfectly with AS, so it’s a bit baffling why I cannot get the Limetree Bridge to work.

Any help gratefully received.


You’re unlucky. AS does not work with your Roon compatible NUC, and now its Mac version does not work with this adaptor. Does the PC version of AS work with this adaptor?

I’ve fixed it. I switched off my hub and restarted it. All ok now. Doesn’t explain why it worked ok on Roon and Spotify before I restarted hub but I’m not sweating it. Also works on Windows, so all good.

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